How to configure ISP for my OpenWrt Router correctly?


I flashed a TP-Link Archer C7 V5 with "OpenWrt 19.07.0-rc1" as OS. This router is meant to replace my currently working FritzBox 7490. I've tried some of the examples in the OpenWrt docs for ISP configurations. But sadly nothing worked for me. :frowning:

So maybe with giving you some information about my ISP and my location can help me figure out what I need to do. With your help of course. :slight_smile:

Location: Germany
ISP: Osnatel/EWEtel

Information from ISP
VDSL2-Profil: 17a
DSL-Modulation: ADSL1, ADSL2+, VDSL2, VDSL-Vectoring
WAN-Connectiontype: PPPoE
MTU-Size: 1492
VPI/VCI (PVC)ยน: 1/32
VID/VLAN-IDยฒ: 2011 oder 7
DTMF-Method: Inband
CLIR-Type: 31
Supported Codecs: G.711 a/ยต-law, G.722, Clearmode (ISDN Modemcall), T.38, RFC 2833
Quality of Service: Voice: Cos 5, Internet: Cos 0

ยน) If the connection to a PVC (VPI/VCI) is not working, than you should use VLAN-ID 2011.
ยฒ) If the connection with VLAN-ID 2011 is not working, than you must use VLAN-ID 7. PVC-Values are not being used in both cases.

The ISP login information I have also of course. :slight_smile:

Greetings dataCobra

The Fritzbox 7490 integrates a VDSL modem and a PBX, but the Archer C7 does not have either of them.
Which device is going to provide these functions? Do you have a standalone VDSL modem?

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Well, lets say I was thinking the Archer C7 V5 has a modem build-in ... :frowning:
next time I will read the manual very carefully ... :ok_hand:t2:

So I'll buy a modem or router with build-in modem.

:question: Is there a router/modem for openWrt that would be the best way to go :question:

See if you can find something suitable for your usecase: (45 devices)

The general recommendation however is to get a separate modem and hook up your OpenWrt router behind that. This way you are far more flexible in chosing a device that is supported by OpenWrt.

In case you need more detailed help in selecting a device, please head over to the Hardware section of this forum.

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Thank you for the reply tmomas. :slight_smile:
So I will look up a modem first. After this I will come back to this thread.

Why not use the FritzBox as a standalone modem and then use Archer as your primary gateway? Why do you want to have a single modem+router combo, any special reason?

Because AVM has dropped PPPoE passthrough functionality from Fritz!OS 6.30(?) and above, making this no longer an option.

I think HomeHub 5 Type A might be the way to go if you can find a used one and can flash it with OpenWrt.