How to configure for only internet via WAN?

given is a network structure like in this picture:

I want to be able to acces only the internet from the clients connected to the openwrt router.
In version 18 I was easily able to accomplish this by using the setting for bogon networks (at least I think it was that setting).
Now in version 19.07 I cannot get it to work.
Whatever setting I try I can still ping computers from openwrt's LAN that are in the grey network.
Did it maybe make problems that both networks are 198.168.0.### ip range?

What would I need to set in order to get only internet connection for the clients in openwrt's LAN network (orange)?


Replace 192.168.X.0/24 with your real grey subnet and copy/paste.

rule_name=$(uci add firewall rule) 
uci batch << EOF
set firewall.$rule_name=rule
set firewall.$rule_name.enabled='1'
set firewall.$rule_name.src='lan'
set firewall.$'Block_grey'
set firewall.$'ipv4'
set firewall.$rule_name.proto='all'
set firewall.$rule_name.dest='wan'
set firewall.$rule_name.dest_ip='192.168.X.0/24'
set firewall.$'DROP'

then uci commit firewall

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yes, many thanks, this is now working!
It seems I didn't manage to set the ip range properly :upside_down_face: . And it seems that to make the setting effective, some sort of restart is needed. I could still ping computers in the grey network after pressing apply, but no more after a reboot of the openwrt box.


OpenWrt uses a stateful firewall. The state, i.e. conntrack entries ,aren't flushed when adding a rule nor when the firewall is restarted, but it can be done manually using conntrack from the conntrack package.


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