How to configure as simple client (for squeezebox-player)

Hi, seems I need help regarding the configuration: I installed openwrt on a small nexx-router I would like to use as a squeezebox-player only. But I don't get it to be visible in my "main" wlan. I want it to behave like an ordinary linux-pc, with the possibility to connect it either using wifi or lan and to use the luci-interface fir configuration. As I understand, I need to bridge the networks, even if I don't need an additional subnet?

Thanks in advance, Roman

Bridging the networks at more than one place could lead to some interesting loops.

You might be better off with a different address for the wireless client and for the wired interface.

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Alright, thanks for the fast answer!
Step by step, the first thing I tried is to get the web-interface reachable inside my own wifi (from another machine which is connected to the same router/dhcp-server). What configuration should be made assuming a fresh install?

Just found the term for the wireless-mode I'm trying to set up on esp8266-forums: there it's called "station mode". I don't need any routing functionality.

  • Enable WiFi
  • Change LAN IP from if you don't prefer/conflict/different network
  • Set LAN DNS and Gateway
  • Disable DHCP
  • Connect only to the LAN ports
  • Feel free to disable or delete WAN
  • Done!