How to configure AdGuard as default DNS/DHCP instead of Openwrt DNS/DHCP?


Can someone point or refer the link to configure AdGuard as default DNS/DHCP and remove default DNS/DHCP packs from Openwrt?


just follow the howto here :


Based on following i am able to use AdGuard DNS/DHCP service but its still some bug in configuration as it not auto-start once rebooted the router.

Here the steps i use:-

  1. Set static IP to desktop.
  2. ssh openwrt
  3. service adguard stop
  4. service odhcpd stop / service odhcpd disable
  5. service dnsmasq stop / service dnsmasq disable
  6. service adguard start
  7. https://x.x.x.x:8080 > settings > dhcp > enable dhcp > interface br-lan

That openwrt pack startup script need to edit. After reboot issue is fixed.

  1. service adguardhome disable
  2. vi /etc/init.d/adguardhome. Change Start from 21 to 99 and Stop 89 to 120.
  3. service adguardhome enable
  4. reboot

At present the AGH install moves dnsmasq to continue serving DHCP and provide PTR records.

This is due to AGH team needing to update/refactor their DHCP to bring it up to a similar standards that OpenWrt provides.

Unless your network is very simple you may have issues using AGH as default dhcp. Its why both the opkg version and my manual thread version still use OpenWrt for DHCP. It would be far easier to install if we disabled OpenWrt's DHCP and thus let AGH take over fully but the risk of breaking complex network installs (with multiple networks/VLANs etc) is too high.

i followed this guide, and stopped at the "Manual installation" chapter. Everything goes fine for me.

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