How to configure access inside LAN?

Having recently installed my first OpenWRT router onto my network, I am very grateful for the helpful community here. One issue I haven't been able to figure out is why some services are no longer available inside my LAN. I have a NAS on which I run a number of services; one example is a Transmission server. I used to be able to access it inside the LAN over port 9091, but now I get a "connection refused". I thought the firewall should not interfere with inter-LAN traffic, but just to be safe I tested adding a port forward to the lan network; it made no difference.

I am guessing there are default protections in place in a vanilla OpenWRT installation that I need to remove/open up, but what are they?

WDR3600 • OpenWrt 21.02.0 r16279-5cc0535800

No, your router won't stop LAN-to-LAN traffic at all

How exactly are you attempting to access the NAS? ip address?

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Doh! It was a hard-coded IP for the local network buried inside a settings file for a docker container that was the problem – when I put OpenWRT in, I had to move all clients including the NAS to a new subnet because my ISP's crippled router was hard-coded to 192.168.1.x; I knew this would cause trouble, but chasing down all the traces of the old subnet on all the different machines is a task with a long tail...

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