How to configure a network that multiple routers simultaneously receive signal from the same android client?

I'm working on a wifi project that i need to receive a client (android phone) info from multiple routers. In other words, i need a wifi network consisting of multiple routers and these routers should see the same client in the "associated stations" section of the LuCI.

Link below gives various examples such as WDS, Routed or Bridged Client Modes; but im not sure if solution to my problem is possible with any of them? Is there a way to implement a network the way i want, if yes is any example on the below link covers it?

I would appreciate any help, thanks.

That's not how standard wifi works. A client connects to only one AP at a time. If there are multiple APs with the same SSID within radio range, the client will choose one of them. Sometimes it does not make the best choice, and that is the subject of considerable research.

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thanks for the fast respond. i should probably use a client with multiple connection ability (not android phone) then.

As @mk24 pointed out, there is no such thing as a single-radio client than can connect to multiple APs at the same time.

It is possible to monitor a single client at multiple locations. One way of accomplishing that is to declare a monitor interface and run tcpdump or another packet-capture tool. You'll need to understand and decode the 802.11 packets. Be aware that many clients now "randomize" their MAC addresses, especially on probe requests.

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thanks a lot for the help.
but the information i need to monitor is location dependent (signal strength).
probably there are multiple ways to do that with a deep understanding of openwrt and linux (which i have very little).

im going for the following 2 solutions right now;
-use the android client as a wifi hotspot. then make wifi scans with APs which also shows the signal strength coming from the client.
-use a laptop as client which can connect multiple wireless networks (using virtual wifi app by microsoft). then look for the signal strength that APs receive.

these are the cleanest solutions i could think of; yet im still open to suggestions.

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