How to configure a gateway

Apologies if this is a silly question, or answered before, but I'm new to this.

I have the following outdoor router that runs OpenWrt:

The router has an address of

My network has about 30 devices, running on DHCP currently provided by a wired broadband router, plus some static addresses above 200.

I can access the router fine though it's wireless interface, when it serves the client a 30.xx address from it's own DHCP.

I'm trying to integrate it so that the main network can use it as a gateway.

I've corresponded with the very helpful manufacturer, whose advice comes down to

"Mode#2 -- When you connect the EZR30 to the LAN port of your main router, the EZR30 router will obtain an IP address from your main router and activate the WAN port on the interfaces list. In this mode, you can find the EZR30 outdoor router device on the list of connected hosts on your main router's system.

This does not seem to work, how could the devices communicate, as they are on different subnets? What would the gateway address be for the main network? Is there a better way?

Hope this makes sense, as the device would be a great solution to our awful landline in the country.

Are you going to keep the weird broadband router in service, or will you remove it from the network and only keep the cat6?

lol, don't think it's particularly weird, just a standard Plusnet router. I would want to keep it as a backup in case the 4g went down, but it would not have to be in circuit all the time. There is also a Synology DS416 NAS on the system, which could be configured to provide DHCP if that was required.

All of the scenarios are possible.
You can have the Synology as DHCP server and by using the same IPs in both Plusnet and Cat6, swapping them will not cause too much fuss.
You could use the routers' DHCP servers and just remove one before adding the other. If they operate with different LAN addresses a dhcp renew in the clients will be needed.
You could also keep them both and loadbalance/failover their connections, provided the Cat6 can install the mwan3 package.

Thanks, so change the 'cat6' device to an address on the 1.xx network and use that as the gateway, disable it's DHCP and enable the DHCP on the NAS, is that right.

Yes, so in that case configure the Cat6 with LAN IP and switch off its DHCP server for the LAN.
Synology should serve DHCP settings, gateway and DNS the same.

Thanks - will give that a try

Pure OpenWrt does not have anything called "Mode #2", you are dealing with a manufacturer's UI on top of OpenWrt.

To use strictly as a wired to wifi-converter is called a dumb AP. There is one network, the wired port and the wireless are bridged into that same network, and an IP may be obtained as a DHCP client. This IP is for administrative logins only. Wireless users simply pass through the device at level 2 and are routed to the Internet by the main router.

The 4G card would not be active at all in that scenario.

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