How to compile OpenWrt 18.06 branch

I'm trying to compile OpenWrt for the Kimax u25wf to include luci and samba. Support for this device came after LEDE v17.01.4 so I'm forced to compile OpenWrt v18.

I figured out that if I compile the master branch, I have issues installing kmod-* packages because of kernel version dependencies so I think my solution is to compile the openwrt-18.06 branch.

My first question: Is my assumption correct that the 18.06 branch is frozen so I shouldn't have problems with kernel version issues?

My second question: I ran the following commands to checkout the branch, but after compile, I still have the kernel version dependencies issue. What am I doing wrong?

git clone
git checkout openwrt-18.06

If you compile your own version, regardless of the master branch or a release branch, the hash computed from the config settings used in the strict version dependencies will inevitably differ from that of the buildbots/ the archive (unless you use exactly the identical config as the buildbots, in which case you could just as well use their binaries instead). This means once you do build OpenWrt from source, you do have to build all kernel modules you may need as well (and for practical reasons I'd suggest to do the same for all needed userspace packages as well), as part of the same build. All you need to do for that is one simple detour through "make menuconfig" (or make xconfig) to select the features you want/ need (unless you know why you want to do it differently, select the features statically [*] instead of modular/ as a package [m]).

Thank you for that quick response. It's fortunate that the KIMAX is a hard drive enclosure that I filled with 2TB. It may be worth it for me to build all the packages and place it on the drive, then set it as a source for opkg.

If you really want to compile 18.06 you can follow the compile directions then just checkout the 18.06 branch before you get the packages and do your make menuconfig/make.