How to command ttl?

Okay, im using a em20-g modem with my wrt3200acm. But i dont know how to command the ttl for my tmobile r15 sim to connect to the internet. So can somebody help?

Sorry for not having a first and experience answer for you, but could you clarify for me what a "ttl for a sim to connect to theinternet" is?

Are you trying to make your router disconnect its mobile connection after a certain time of no internet traffic?

The "3g" protocol seems to have a "demand" property.

The qmi protocol seems to not have that.

I guess terminating a data connection after a certain time of inactivity is a thing of the past when.

No its on mbim mode and my sim card is provisioned for talk text and data. So i was told to change my ttl to 65. But i don't know how to put it as a command.

Im trying to connect to the internet.


So i use a command like this usr/share/nftables.d/ruleset-post/adjust-ttl.nft?

Im just a beginner. Where do i start with this like all i know is i would have to use cmd.

You place that script in the path specified and issue service firewall restart.

Remember to fetch the proper WAN interface and don't forget about IPv6 hop limit: