How to close port

On my OpenWRT there is a open port by default!!!

How can i close it?

Its port 1024

it's not.

Whats "DLed" ?

What do you mean by


you did a port scan of your WAN IP, from your own LAN subnet, it'll generate false positives.

btw, is your public IP same as the one assigned to your WAN port in openwrt ?

You mean one of these is happening but not necessarily 2 or all 3 ?

because i certainly downloaded OpenWRT from

and it's a basically a fresh install so it's very unlikely i opened a port by accident, only thing i did was basically just installing ds-lite thats all.

one, two or three.

but if you installed it from the URL provided, it won't be three :wink:

Well, how to scan for open port then if not from the lan subnet, can i use nslookup or something on the Router to scan for open ports?

How to check that? I know my public ip, but how to check what ip is assigned to my wan port?

you can't use anything on the router, nor any client attached to it.

share internet from your cell phone, scan from a device using your mobile carrier.

nmap is a good tool for scanning.

you could also try, it can be initiated without using the mobile carrier.

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I have gone to public ip of my desktop) using my mobile data but it still shows Open Port 1024

the question from How to close port - #9 by Tangerine is still valid.

Yeah i dont know how to check what ip is assigned to my wan port

it's displayed on the status screen in openwrt.

I've checked using shield-up (without using mobile carrier) like you recommeded but it also show's Port 1024 to be open:

This is a reserved port according to RFC 6335, and OpenWrt developers follow the IETF RFCs. Definitely not something OpenWrt would open by default.

Please SSH into your router, run command cat /etc/config/firewall and post the contents here.

Which of these:


The "Addresses" in the "IPv4 Upstream" and "IPv6 Upstream" boxes.

which of the two @elbertmai pointed out, are you scanning ?

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i was scanning (as shown as my public ip when going to using my desktop pc connected to my router)