How to close ipv6 with LUCI completely?

The last time I posted a post, someone answered that it should be turned off here Network/interfaces/devices/lan/general device options. choose disable in the field 'enable ipv6'. I have successfully turned off ipv6 on the devices in the lan, but now I find that the wan port There is still ipv6, the router still has ipv6! However, I turned off ipv6 in Network/interfaces/devices/wan/ and there is still an ipv6 address.It is best to use luci for all operations. It is a simple and convenient method. I can easily enable it when I want to use ipv6 in the future. Thank you.

Interfaces/lan/dhcp server/ipv6 settings.

Disable all.
There will still be IPV6 settings lurking around, when you find them disable them too but that shuts it down.

Oh, is it simple to turn on and off: no. Just getting it to work is a PITA. Shutting it down and getting it started again would be difficult.

Thank you for answering this question last time. Does turning off ipv6 on the wan port involve the settings of the wan6 interface?

You can ask all you want, that is no problem.

It is, practically, impossible to correctly get IPV6 working only using LuCI.

If your ISP does do IPV6. They give you an address and then you work with that. If you, successfully, blocked the IPV6 from getting past the wan port it would involve/affect IPV6 everywhere on your lan

For example, you have IPV6 open for service but your ISP does not, you won't see many IPV6 clients (windows will just make up IPV6 addresses). If they suddenly start using it, it will start trying to configure with unconfigured information. And you will be back here asking "what is all this IPV6 stuff, I never set it up."

Which is fine.

Does that clear some of it up?

After my long-term experiment, turning off ipv6 on all devices in Network/interfaces/devices/wan seems to work, but there were still problems from time to time before. This is inspired by your previous answer.

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