How to choose a wifi channel?


Setting up GL.iNet Flint2 (GL-MT6000) with latest openwrt.

I may potentially have 5 or 6 devices connected to the 5ghz radio wifi. This includes a rpi streamer for audio (located in the same room as the router, though distant for an ethernet connection).

I want try to minimize interference for the rpi streamer from other devices that I own connected to the same channel. Do I select a channel that has the least interference from neighbours - is it as simple as that? Or should I also take account of frequency and power?


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The channel needs to be selected on the AP. Devices connected to the AP will connect using this channel, you cannot select a different one (they need to communicate with the AP, hence they need the same channel).

Channel selection on the AP, however, depends on the channels in use by other APs in range. You can click on "Scan" in OpenWrt to get an idea of what is in range.

Channel Analysis is probably better suited for this, It's include in the default install of luci openwrt

Status >> Channel Analysis

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Best option is to properly set country code and let router choose channels automatically.

I prefer to use something like LinSSID to scan my area. It shows the overlap of selected channels. I then edit /etc/config/wireless and use the option channels feature to limit the auto selected range. This allows me to prevent it from using DFS channels that overlap with non DFS channels.

OpenWrt also doesn’t do a great job with 2.4Ghz set to auto. I had to limit that to ‘1 6 11’ for the US.

Kind of default behaviour...

With regard to 2.4Ghz it’s look that should now be the default. I know that in the past without setting the limit it would happily select channel 3.

However, I know that as of 23.05 in the US DFS auto selection will select channel 52 (or was it 50 can’t remember) which overlaps with lower non DFS channels at 80Mhz. Same thing happens at the upper end of the range too.

5GHz 160MHz is DFS practically worldwide, you dont choose what overlaps.

I think you’re misunderstanding what I’m trying to point out or I don’t understand the relevance of your reply. I’m familiar with the Wiki article but I specifically mentioned 80 Mhz not 160 Mhz.

It’s not a bug but if you’re looking for a clean 5Ghz 80 Mhz channel it’s something to be aware of.

Channel 52-64 does not overlap with channels below.

Here is a screenshot of LinSSID with me on channel 52. Is LinSSID wrong?

Yes, it is wrong.