How to check who's currently connected to my network using ssh

I can check who's currently connected on my 2.4ghz wifi using ssh by using this command line

ubus call hostapd.wlan0 get_clients

Now I wanna try who's currently on my dumb ap that connected on VLAN 33 I tried this but I think this is wrong
ubus call hostapd.eth0.33 get_clients

It shows "not found"
Sorry I'm still a noob.
What command should I use?

for wlan in $(iwinfo | grep wlan | awk '{print $1}'); do echo "Device: $wlan"; iwinfo $wlan assoclist; done

You need to connect to the AP, and call hostapd there.

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But my dumb ap is not using an openwrt firmware,the dhcp server is on my main router which has the openwrt...soryy I'm a bit confused

Also posted on reddit...

I finally found the solution using addrwatch and this is the command I used

addrwatch -r-1 eth0.33 | cut -d " " -f4,5

Works perfectly great I can now see who's currently connected in this vlan

DHCP clients are not the same as wireless clients, and there is also the ARP tables where you can search for clients...

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