How to check the built-in public function library ?

I usually need to write some function scripts, because I don't know which functions or functions have been implemented on the system, but I realized it myself, and found that the system already has this function library. For example: I need to parse JSON data. After I have implemented this function, I found that the system has built-in functions for related functions. In order to avoid this problem, I would like to know how to check all the built-in public function libraries that the system has implemented

fgrep -Er '() ' /lib /usr/lib | grep -Ev '(\.so|\.ko|\.bin)'

Can you find such a list of function libraries and related documentation in the official development documentation, like the configuration documentation?

I dont need to

There is an error in Google Translate. Does the official provide such a function library list and related documentation, like the configuration documentation.

what is intended to be generally used is generally documented...

for the rest they are self documenting... and their use implies the necessary capabilities from the end user...

Without official documentation support, I feel that it is not very friendly to third-party development!

find another distro... development is a contact sport...


OpenWrt is just packaging third party libraries like every other Linux distro.

There is no single function list or "public function library" like on Android but many different libraries for many different languages you can install or not if you need them.

The documentation for all libraries is upstream, with the library developers. OpenWrt does not develop most of the libraries, they just package them.

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