How to check my device subtarget?

Hello everybody, I would need to do some modify into the menuconfig, so I would need to knwo three parameters: Target, Subtarget and Target Profile.
Searching online, I found that is possibile to find these information typing cat /proc/cpuinfo.
The Target parameter is identified under the voice system type, while the parameter (I think) Target Profile is identified under the voice machine (is this correct? I'm not so sure about this).
Where could I find the Subtarget parameter? How can I know it?
I'm working on a Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+ device with OpenWrt 22.03.00.
Thank you so much for your help!
This is the informations generically available typing cat /proc/cpuinfo

system type           
cpu model              
wait instruction 
microsecond timers    
extra interrupt vector 
hardware watchpoint    
ASEs implemented        
shadow register sets    
kscratch registers      
VCED exceptions    
VCEI exceptions

You grabbed the image, right? The path to your OpenWrt image contains target and subtarget. E.g. https://$openwrt_download_link/$target/$subtarget/...

Popular ones are ramips/mt7621, ath79/generic, ...

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