How to change user-agent in curl via PuTTY?

One of the providers blocks AdGuard in AdBlock, the page opens in the browser, and a connection error is written in luci-app-adblock, everything works fine on other providers, the settings are the same, so the idea came to try changing the user agent, I want to set the same one as in browser.
Tell me how to do this via PuTTY ?

providers of what ?

what page ?

what kind of connection, from where, to where ?

The provider has blocked the Adguard filter for Luci-App-Adblock, after all, this is not a thing, here I am looking for a solution, and in the browser the filter is coming off, then the problem is in User Agent

the filter is located on your router, how can they block it ?

I know I've updated the 1st reply, but you'll need to answer all questions.

Through any regular browser, the page with the Adguard filter opens, but not in the router, it says error 28

what page with "the adguard filter" ?

let us know when you want us to stop guessing ...

in luci-app-adblock - blacklist sources - Adguard( all-general) error 28 in the log, connection reset
on the other provider everything works fine

after 5 posts, we're finally getting somewhere.

and if you try to curl or wget the same file via ssh, from the router ?

but I don’t know how to do this, it just occurred to me to try changing the user agent. since I am 100% sure that the problem is with the provider

you need to work on your google skills

make sure you save the file to /tmp

according to your link, there is so much written there that I didn’t understand anything.
I would just like an example so I can repeat how to change and how to save

[here we go again]
which one of them, google gives me a cpl 1000 hits, should I try them all,
to try to locate the one with "so much written" ?

you want fries with that ?

for you as a programmer, perhaps everything is clear there, but it is written for you, and not for me and people like me

man, you really are lazy ...
I'm outta here

SSH into your router and run curl -o /tmp/adguard.txt

Then come back and tell us what the output was.


I’m not at home, I’ll check it a little later and definitely write, I haven’t been able to win for about 3 months now, it all started in the summer, but on other providers everything works fine and the settings in the routers are the same, so I blame the provider

It's github. I can't see any reason why they'd suddenly block curl (which is going to be a utility that a lot of people use to download material from github). I've also tested the same command just now and it works fine.


and this address is opened through the browser, in the router log there is error 28.
there are no problems with other providers, it works via curl and via uclient-fetch, everything loads fine

It is really unclear what you mean by "provider". Internet provider? Or do you mean a specific website?

This works for me without the need to install curl:

wget "" -O ->> /tmp/adguard.txt