How to change the laguage from chinese to english?

I got an iKoolcore R1 and I cannot find the settings to change the language from Chinese to English.
Can somebody share how to do it?


Openwrts default UI language is English, if you have an image supporting only Chinese, you should probably ask the person who provided you with that image...

Or install proper openwrt, using the images in


You may try some browser translator plugin, or copy/paste to a translator.
If you have telnet or SSH, you may use it to change the language.

uci set luci.main.lang='en'
uci commit

Try if this helps:

系统 >系统属性 > 语言和界面

(You may try browser's text search to find it.)

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Assuming the en language is installed.


Ok, then must install (somehow) these as well:


And some more if there are additional pages.


Assuming it's proper openwrt.
The install would probably work anyway, but the outcome could be.... interesting.

I don't think it matters if downloaded from the same (chinese) repository.
Installing the mainstream OpenWrt may break something, thus having a custom build.

Then you shouldn't use any packages from the main repository, if it's a custom (depending on your definition of custom) build, and we're back to my 1st answer in this thread...

Thank you for all your replies.
I received an ikoolcore r1 computer with proxmox VE 7.4-3, openwrt and debian installed on it.
Proxmox is ok. is in English but openwrt is in Chinese and some parts are in English.
I'm hoping to fix it with all your help.
Thanks again.

Frolic, nvladimirov,
I was able to fix the language problem in openWRT.
It was the second pulldown menu on the left, first tab and 3rd tab inside of it. that is equal to:
Systems, system, language and Style, changed from simplified Chinese to auto.
Again thank you for your help.
Best regards.


Feed my curiosity, in ssh please run

ubus call system board

and post the output.

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