How to change the DNS of LAN machines?

Good afternoon,
I am having difficulty changing the DNS of the miha LAN.
I want hosts to get the DNS from Google.
It follows the current settings of my LED.
Interface%20WAN Interface%20LAN%201

In LuCI, go to Network -> Interfaces -> LAN -> Edit

Scroll down to DHCP server section
Click on Advanced Settings tab

In the DHCP-Options box, enter 6,,

Yes, this will hand out those DNS servers directly...but if you need to resolve LAN hostnames as well:


That can be found under Network > Interfaces > WAN > Advanced Settings.

It worked! Thank you.
Only this configuration was missing.

This setting has already been made.
It was only missing the configuration that the
bill888 provided.
Now it's google DNS.
Thank you guys.

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