How to change name of an interface?

I'm new to OpenWRT.

Where/how can I change name of an interface?

In Luci, I can set-up the name when I create the interface, but I can't see where to change the name after it was created.

You must manually change the name in various files /etc/config/dhcp, /etc/config/firewall, /etc/config/network, and reboot. That being said, it's probably safer to delete and recreate the interface.


Hmm.. :thinking:
I'm not succeeding to do delete/create. Maybe it is because it is my management interface.

I was only able to create a new interface based on the same device (with a different IP of course) and a new firewall zone. I'm then able to connect to the router with the 2 IP but after that I'm not able to delete the initial interface (change does not apply). What I can do is to delete the newly created interface...

As delete and recreate didn't work I went the arder way.
I was able to rename but only using uci and not Luci.

Other changes to make besides :