How to change IP range

I intend to install OepnWRT on an old TP-LINK Archer C50 v1
However, as per the installation instructions, the router will then be accessed via ( or http: // openwrt)
and the IP range of my ISP router,to which I will connect is also in the 192.168.1.XX range.
After entering the GUI how do I manage this problem?
FYI I'm rather new to networking ' actually VERY new !)
Thank for your help

Edit the LAN interface from

When you apply the settings, there will be a check to confirm that you can access the router on the new IP. Normally the check will fail, so you either choose to Apply Unchecked if you are certain you have the correct settings, or do some arrangements to make sure that your PC knows the new IP of the router, so the check doesn't fail.

For more info about your options, please refer to page

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Thank you.
I will try that, although I don't understand everything :blush:

You can just ignore all that and do the Apply Unchecked option (the dialogue box will come with options to apply unchecked or revert), but double check the IP address.

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The Apply Unchecked option can be risky if you disable DHCP, because if you happen to mistype the IP and apply the settings then you lose access to the router (because you have no way of knowing its IP).But as long as you don't disable DHCP Server, even if you happen to mistype the IP it's still OK.

Thank you
What do you mean by "double checking"?

Like make sure you typed it right.

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you should tell what you want to do with your new OpenWrt device. Provide WiFi for the ISP router? Extend the WiFi range? Something else?

Thanks for answering.
I'm trying to use it as a WiFi extender and a VPN client for testing.(probably wireguard through Torguard)
After that, I will probably do the same on a R7800 that I bought.
But my old one is for testing purposes

for the WiFi extender configuration, please see this guide: