How to change bootargs in AI7688H u-boot

Hi all,

U-boot link:
I am using Uboot version: U-Boot 1.1.3

I have tried to look for the bootargs in the u-boot code but I couldn't found anything into it.

Please let me know can we update bootargs in AI7688 module.

If yes the let me know how to use bootargs in AI7688H module and how to update them.

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Lad Dhawal Umesh

This has got nothing to do with OpenWrt. Contact your vendor please.

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Either set the environment-variable bootargs, compile uboot with CONFIG_BOOTARGS set to whatever you want the defaults to be, or modify common/environment.c line 104 to your liking and then compile.

You may also need to remove the line at 110 in include/configs/rt2880.h

Ok thanks, I will go through it and let you know if any help required.