How to change behavior of netifd?

I dont need in swiping out interface after restarting interface (ifdown interface && ifup interface).
It's ridiculous change in behavior since 18.06. Did you even try to capture packets on start with tcpdump or just change to change?

any suggestions?

please state more clearly what(where) your problem is...

code samples preferrably...

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Are u kidding? Simple short question is in op. How to revert behavior of ifup to 18.06?

sorry... I haven't used 18.x in a few years... so what might seem obvious to you is not necessarily obvious to everyone...

you're the one with the issue... suggest you state clearly the behaviour exactly...

no i'm not kidding... i'm clarifying...

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I posted clearly misbehavior: early there was no erasure of interface on restart; now interface forced destroying without any real need on restart (great architecture of netifd)

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Didn't see any useful information in link.

…only if the issue also manifests in 21.02.x/ master (maybe 19.07.x), 18.06.x is EOL and no one will look into issues with that abandoned release branch anymore.

What are u talking about? which interface? Which service?