How to call binary drivers (not open-sourced yet) in LEDE builder?


I'm now trying to get my Tenda AC9 working in LEDE.However, the official open-source drivers have many problems for bcm devices (Especially in 5Ghz wireless). So I wonder whether transplanting the binary drivers to buider will be okay? And how to get it done?


Has the manufacturer released binary drivers for LEDE already?
Or do you plan to extract them from the original firmware?

Seriously, the manufacturer has not released binary drivers for LEDE. But another manufacture(ASUS) has a similar product(RT-AC1200GPlus), and release the source code for building image called asuswrt. The prebuild wireless driver is included in it. Asuswrt and LEDE are similar as they both derive from WRT system. It's my pleasure to provide you a copy of this source code.:grinning:


Please see post 3
Thank you!

were u able to get it working on Ac9 ?