How to build lede packages

I meet problem for build lede packages.

Here is my build result

20K packages/mipsel_24kc/packages
1.3M packages/mipsel_24kc/base
20K packages/mipsel_24kc/routing
20K packages/mipsel_24kc/luci
20K packages/mipsel_24kc/telephony
1.4M packages/mipsel_24kc
1.4M packages/

Why my packages list is very small. Is there pre-configured .config file, so I could build most of the packages.

write make menuconfig in the source folder, then select "Global Build Settings", then select with a "y":
"select all target specific packages by default"
"select all kernel module packages by default"
"select all userspace packages by default"

This should tag with a "M" all packages for your target/profile, and all them will be compiled.

But in practice you most likely do NOT want ALL packages. There are thousands of them available... various databases, audio/video codecs programming languages etc.

You need to select the packages to be built based on your needs.

Yes. It is not neccery to build all packages. I'd like to understand how LEDE works. (Thanks for your help.)

Is there any pre-configure I could use the same as the buildbolt does? The kernel modules will be alter for the configuration. I'd like to keep the same as buildbot.

Buildbot builds all packages, but includes just the needed packages for the minimal set for your device.
All others can be downloaded via opkg and installed later.

Buildbot's config for your device is the same minimal set that you get by simply selecting your device in menuconfig and nothing else.

in the nightly build directories there are config files, copy the one for your
architecture to .config and then run make oldconfig

That will give you a good starting point for your system.

if you use the config right away, you probably don't need the make oldconfig,
but it's a good habit to get into because as soon as you update the lede git
tree, your config may not match the system, so you will need to run it after
each update.

David Lang

Could you guild me how to find night build config?

I check this:, but unable to find the proper config files.

Thanks in advance.

I have already answered the same question in your other thread:

Thank you for help. I make a try. (My email does not popup for anther thread.)