How to build a package from driver source code? realtek-r8152

I would like to install a driver for my Realtek RTL8152 based USB Ethernet adapter in OpenWRT.

This is what I have already done:
I have found the source code for the driver (on github), I have succesfully compiled and installed the driver on my raspberry pi. I plugged in the adapater and it worked.

Now I would like to install the driver on my OpenWRT instance. I think this means I need to define a package, compile it for the right architecture, host it somewhere and then install the package through opkg. Do I understand it correctly?

There is a lot of documentation about packaging, but it still seems hard. How do I go from driver source code, to a package that I can install with opkg?

It should already be in the released packages as kmod-usb-net-rtl8152.

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Thanks! It works!

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