How to brute-force realtek chipsets to r8152 module?

I'm trying to upgrade my BPiR64 AP to 2.5gbit uplink.
The inner switch uplink is 2.5gbit, so it's not a waste.
I choose a USB adapter to do the job: realtek r8156.
Unfortunately, the adapter binds itself to cdc_eem instead of r8152, which limits its features (it even goes half-duplex!)
I found an article on the internet which could fix it:
This article works,
but how do I implement it in openwrt? is there a way to do this at boot?
or is the only solution to write a script which removes cdc_eem + r8152, enables the new_id and loads r8152 again?

tried. failed.
When you don't add the new_id to the realtek module, it won't load, even if cdc_eem isn't loaded

Then it's probably a no go, unless you create your own build.

creating my own build is fine: I'm already compiling openwrt from master. ... nonetherless: what do I need to modify?

That you should probably ask in a new thread, in the developers sub forum.

But why is the rc.local a no go?

All right, I'll use rc.local then. Thanks!