How to bring forward an existing PR for RT-AX53U into main branch?


I recently replaced 3 of my existing Netgear WNDR3700v2 OpenWrt APs with ASUS RT-AX53U. I am super happy with results (2.4 GHz reach was the main driver and got seriously improved), but unfortunately LED support is not fully implemented in OpenWrt-23.05.3 for the RT-AX53U. Means I cannot switch all LEDs off (like I can in the original FW).

As the RT-AX53U are located in living & bedroom, I so far have "masked" the LEDs with black duck tape… from my POV not a perfect solution. When researching a bit I found a solution. See: Asus rt-ax53u led support for WAN, LAN1-3 leds (i need to turn off all) · Issue #13804. PR was: #10400 which unfortunately never made it into the main branch.

My question is: How can this (already existing) fix from @rozhuk-im make it into the main branch ? I am happy to help (if required)…

Thx. hasselh

git remote add other
git fetch other
git cherry-pick 32a123c
git remote remove other

To my understanding that would allow me to compile my own image.. but what is necessary to get this fix committed to the next official release for this device ?

You must first test the patch by compiling the image and running it on real hardware, and then generate the Pull Request again. If other users/developers confirm that the fix works, it will probably be approved.

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Only thing reviews complain is leaving uboot-envtools which was dysfunctional before PR anyway.