How to Bridge WiFi to Lan Ports

I see a few questions that are kind of similar to what I'm trying to do, but it seems that what I'm doing is a little different.

I have a WiFi router running a DHCP server in a central point in my home (let's call it W1).

In my office, I have a few devices that only accept a wired lan connection. I have a wireless router running OpenWRT LEDE (let's call it W2) and I want to connect this router to W1 as a client then bridge the lan ports to the WiFi.

I'm using the Luci web interface to configure, and I've set up the wifi interface to my home wifi as a client.
I then bridged all my interfaces.
When I do this, devices plugged into W2 have a connection to the internet, but aren't on the same subnet as W1.
When I follow the guides and disable DHCP on the bridge, the devices plugged into W2 do not get an IP address from W1, or at all, and can't connect to anything.

What am I missing here?

Use WDS.

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did you set the wireless bridge interface in LEDE to WAN ?