How to block wireless access based on MAC address


I would like to block a device with mac access to connect to my OpenWRT wireless.

I googled but only for OpenWRT firewall which the device is connected to the wireless but drop the connection

Here I would like to block it with wireless access it means this device could not connect to Wifi even though it has the wifi password.

Thank you.

Wireless > Edit (SSID you want to change).

On the General tab (default), scroll down to the Interface Configuration section.

Click on the MAC-Filter tab.

Select the MAC Address Filter and add the MAC(s) to the MAC-List.


Thank you. It works like a charm :smiley:

This whole hypothesis is wrong at the basic level! You can’t stop a client with the correct password connecting to a wifi with a mac filter!

Especially nowadays when the iOS has private mode that randomize a mac at every connection. But that only made it easier to get past mac filters.

The only meaningful way is to change password and don’t give it to the client.


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