How to block devices connected by wifi just click to block

I just installed the openwrt and I can't find the option to block devices on wifi as it has in the standard firmware of tp link, does anyone know a method or some package that is available to do this management?

You could use mac filtering to block a devices mac address, or perhaps whitelist only certain addresses.


The traditional approach would be not giving unwanted devices the access credentials in the first place…

In practice one would typically prefer a hands-off approach to the network, as it needs to work -in a safe manner- 24/7 on its own, without constant supervision (as you won't be able to guard it yourself all the time, a potential attacker always has the upper hand of choosing a time convenient to them - by the time you'll notice anything, any attack will already have succeeded).


For anyone else looking for an answer to this:

Go to system > software and install banip or do opkg install banip from the CLI.

From Luci go to Services > banIP and under the Edit Blocklist tab add the MAC address for the devices you want to block from getting past the gateway.

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