How to best get 3 SSIDs out of two adapters in Unifi6Lite

I have flashed a Unifi6Lite with OpenWrt and want do use it as an Access Point with three different SSIDs.

  1. One for IoT Devices with 2,4GHz
  2. One as a guest network with 5GHz ac
    3 One as my main network with 5GHz ac

These are the wifi adapters I can use:

I am not yet sure about SSID 2 and 3, whether using 5GHz AC for both of them is the right call:

  • I do not yet have any devices that support AX, should I set it up anyway for my main netzwork?
  • Does it make sense to use the 2,4GHz capability of the MT7915E for the guest network and
  • The 5GHz capability for the main network?
  • Maybe I should set up 4 SSIDs on the MT7915E: 2,4GHz guest, 2,4GHz main, 5GHz guest, 5GHz main?
  • Would it be a bad idea to set up 802.11ax for both guest and main instead? If so: would legacy 2,4GHz only devices be able to connect to those SSIDs, because AX uses the 2,4GHz band as well?
  • Are there some limitations on the MT7603E, I should be aware of?

Those are a lot of questions, I would really appreciate any comments :slight_smile:

kind regards,