How to avoid kernel build in SDK?

Even with minimal .config the kernel builds on make command, how do I avoid it?

$ make -j5 
 make[1] world
 make[2] package/compile
 make[3] -C package/toolchain compile
 make[3] -C package/kernel/linux clean-build
 make[3] -C package/kernel/linux compile
 make[2] package/index

Deselecting options as here seem doesn't have any impact:

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I would like to know the answer to this as well.

I unchecked all of these, and selected the packages I wanted to build in make menuconfig (and saved to .config):

  • Select all target specific packages by default
  • Select all kernel module packages by default
  • Select all userspace packages by default

After running make, ipk files still got built in bin/targets/<arch>/<sub-arch>/packages.

Using make package/<name>/compile doesn't help.

Is there a way to skip building kernel modules?