How to automatically open a web page every few min

is it possible to build the following feature on top of the OpenWRT with Wifi router?

once user connects to the wifi, automatically open a web page, user has to click the link on the web page to continue getting Internet connection, otherwise user can only stay on a fixed web page; also, it will automatically open a web page every certain period, user need to click link on the page to remain the internet service.

Yes. Using squid proxy.

Thanks Augustus for your quick response, could you provide more details about the solution? how can the squid proxy work together with OpenWRT?

You can install and run squid on openwrt device. Just install the package. But you need to run squid in "transparent" (intercept) mode. And do intensive mod of squid.conf . Lot of squid-specific configuration . Another idea might be to fiddle around with DNS on router. But this will be not good enough for professional use.

Another possibillity might by to fiddle around with coova- chilli. That might even be simpler compared to using squid. But will need some sort of server support for php and radius.

Do you mean captive portal?
Wifidog is a solution


Try wifidog now working wel manage from cloud. i setup my own hotspot cloudwifizone