How to Auto Reconnect LTE/5G module

Im presently using quectel RM520N-GL via usb adapter to a WG3526 using QMI, everything works fine.

However randomly within a day i get disconnects maybe due to network problems. Problem is module doesn't reconnect by itself so i have to manually restart the router.

I tried using watchcat with restart interface problem is module is not connected to network.

Is there a way to automatically reconnect module wothout the need of restarting router?

Next week my mini x86 pc will arrive which i will convert to router i hope not to encounter same problem.

Known deficiency in OpenWrt:

But there is a workaround pending proper fix.

Securing such basic functionality in OpenWrt as automatic modem reconnection is just not as exciting to work on as pursuing a vanity project like OpenWrt One:

Ok. Per advice in quectel forums, i will try running it in ecm mode which accordingly will leave the module reconnect.

Does this mean a soft "reboot'' via CLI, or does it mean a power cycle ?

Unplug and replug power

In case, you are not happy using ecm, you might dig into Quectels docs for your modem. To figure out the modems AT-cmd, to do a complete reset of the modem itself, which in fact is a reboot of the modems firmware. Doing this for EC25.

watchcat plus (one of these):

  • usbreset
  • AT+CFUN=0;+CFUN=1,1

There is no need to restart the router.

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ok i will try to run script AT+CFUN=1,1 . ECM still has no luck

i find using luci-proto-3g to be more stable than QMI protocol. however the speed is too limited. i am using RM520N-GL and its only reaching 45Mbps. Is there a way to increase its speed?

No clue sorry. I use modemmanager and QMI and it’s rock solid. And at least disconnects are properly handled without hacks like pinging and rebooting on lack of response.

I've tried using openwrt 23.05.02 version with ModemManager. So far it is stable in qmi. Haven't tried any disconnects so far. Any insights? Have you tried? Btw im now working on x86/64 dell wyse 5070.

Cool hardware. On my Zyxel NR7101 running 23.05.02, ModemManager seems just fine. I run it 24/7 with a modified dispatcher script to reconnect on any disconnection.

Im using Ice's watchdog just in case. Lucky enough i found his repo. I tested it by manually stopping the interface, works great. it'll run AT+CFUN=1,1 and restart interface after loss of connection automatically.

So far new firmware modemmanager is ok. BTW, where do i paste the script you created? I want to try

Using ecm mode on my x86 setup. No hickups since.