How to assign each VLAN or Port a unique MAC address

Hello, i successfully managed make my WAN act as a LAN and bridge all ports and wireless together, to make my router act as a Acess Point.

I succeeded on changing my WLAN mac but im trying to do the same for the other 2 available ports i have on this little router.

What i am trying to achieve is that if any computer connects to any of does two ports and i do a mac scan on that computer. Than to show the mac assigned to that lan port instead of the bridged lan port. Would that be possible?

Thank you


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I am not the guy that know everything, but what if you remove your bridge br-lan?
Yes you have to rewrite the firewall for LAN1 and LAN2, but you can give them different MAC adresses.
I'm not aware what your scan does when you do change LAN1 mac or LAN2 mac within a bridge (testing?).
Maybe it does pop-up in your scan?


I dont think it will work. I just found out that due to having same cpu for both lan ports and wan port. I cant do what i had in mind. I would need to basically had two cpu to do that

But thank you for your response. :raised_hands:t3:


I think it should be possible!
Which version of OpenWrt are you using? Before OpenWrt v22.03.0 you could have swconfig, on which vlan's are set. There is always 1 CPU (controlling the switch) and have to be available on all vlan's.

On my older version OpenWrt on ZyXEL device had CPU on vlan1 and on vlan2.
That was supposed to be the correct way.
Then even all lan ports could be on different vlan's, but all use the same CPU.

Example on which vlan6 = WAN and vlan1 to vlan5 = LAN but on different vlans:

        CPU  port1  port2  port3  port4  port5(WAN)
vlan1    +     +      -      -      -      -
vlan2    +     -      +      -      -      -
vlan3    +     -      -      +      -      -
vlan4    +     -      -      -      +      -
vlan5    +     -      -      -      -      +

Normal swconfig setup would be vlan1 = LAN, vlan2 = WAN

        CPU  port1  port2  port3  port4  port5(WAN)
vlan1    +     +      +      +      +      -
vlan2    +     -      -      -      -      +

Every vlan can gets its own MAC address as far as I understand, as well on old as new configurations.
The new setup (DSA from v22.02.0 and up) is somewhat different but can achieve the same setup, see:

Vlan's on the new DSA are setup @ Network / Interfaces / Devices / Configure / Bridge VLAN filtering


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I tried doing it like the first graph, but i do need to bridge the wan which each vlan which at the end of the day shows thr same mac where ever i connect the device to.

But ill continue looking i am on version 21.

Thank you