How to apply kernel patch?

This is probably a silly question, but I have need to include these 7 patches to my OpenWrt build, but I can't seem to find the kernel source in the tree. I'm obviously missing something incredibly dumb, but can anyone point me in the right direction (either the path or documentation)?

Many thanks!

Not very surprisingly there is


Thank you so very much! I knew there had to be docs somewhere, but I simply couldn't find (or at least identify) what I was looking for.

I downloaded the .diff files (7 of them). Followed the directions in the docs.

Did quilt new patches/platform/180-itus_ethernet_fix.patch and then cat ~/Downloads/*.diff > patches/platform/180-itus_ethernet_fix.patch

However, when I did the quilt refresh, it returned Nothing in patch patches/platform/180-itus_ethernet_fix.patch. It zero's out the patch file and copies a backup (180-itus_ethernet_fix.patch~)

What did I miss?

Man. quilt is very different than git, which is what I'm used to!

I did manage to figure it out though! At least, locally. I appreciate the point in the right direction slh!

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