How to apply fix to network.js file in 19.07.0-rc1

I'd like to apply this fix by @jow, but i'm not sure how. Using find / -name network.js gives these results -


So i assume the /www address is the right one, but going to it using vi -

vi /www/luci-static/resources/network.js

Just gives a wall of text with no defined lines, or incorrectly defined lines, (see screnshot), so i'm not sure how to apply the fix, would anyone happen to know how to apply it?

copy and paste it into some online "unminify js" site... then paste it back...

or pre-compile options... this to prevent the need for the above...

CONFIG_LUCI_JSMIN=y > is not set

or just straight patch in a buildroot


You can also simply replace the minified file with the unminified one from Git. It'll be slightly larger but will work just as fine.

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