How to apply a new product to LEDE support list?

Hello All, I'm almost done to porting LEDE on NutsBoard Almond SoM, but I doubt how to apply to offical support list when I finish, after all, it does make sense to everyone easy to use from official source code.

Thank you so much.

I think you should read the documents first and then write your own documents about router and create a post here.

You can:

  • Send the patch (against master, not against 17.01) through git-send-email to the LEDE development list.
  • Open a pull request on Github

Edit: assuming this question pertains to the actual code, of course. If not, refer to tmomas's answer.

If there is an official git-commit, I will notice and add the device to the ToH.
It is helpful, if basic hardware information is already present in the git-commit.

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Some examples of useful git commits which contain hardware- and installation-info:

Hello tmomas:

great, thank you so much! I will finish it ASAP, and could you please check
my patches is correct or not first?
Thank you!


Thank you, I will also try this way when I finish.

AFAIK, your patches will be checked anyways when you send them to the mailing list.

Hello tmomas:

I've done, but this is my first time to apply patch to powerful open source community, maybe have many problems, hope you can correct me if I'm wrong, I really want my board become one of support list device, thank you.


Please send your patch in for review like I explained. This is the official way, and you'll get the developers to comment on it in the process.

OK, thank you for your comment.