How to - AP configuration via wifi?

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to set-up an AP via wifi?

My current hardware:
Netgear R7800 - default firmware: main router.
Archer C7 V2 - LEDE firmware - currently turned off :slight_smile:

Goal is connecting the Archer C7 via wifi to the R7800, while keeping the SSID (and password) the same so the end user will have seamless connectivity with this setup.

I have read, but it stated that you need a wired connection to the main router:
"Now connect your main router to one of the switch ports of your "new" dumb AP and you are done."


I'm not sure if you're joking or serious...

  • LEDE disables WiFi by default, so it must be enabled to use it, you can only enable the Archer's WiFi via a wired connection to the device.
  • I'm not sure how'd you repeat the same SSID using....the same SSID. You may be able to do this if one is on another another channel, but you can only assign SSIDs on the same radio, to the same channel.
  • If you have 5.4 GHz, you can connect to the router using that, and provide access on the 2.4 GHz.

AP(WDS) allows a full bridge which is logically equivalent to being connected by Ethernet cable (except you can't run VLANs on it, though you wouldn't need to here).

Both routers need to support WDS in the wifi driver. This usually means OpenWrt on both routers.

You can repeat the same SSID. For example the main router AP has SSID "Bozonet", the second router is a client of Bozonet and also running on the same radio (and channel, since radios only operate on one channel at a time) another AP with SSID Bozonet.

It is smart enough not to connect to itself.

But a potential problem does arise when you have more than the two routers all repeating the same SSID. Each repeater client will connect to the first other Bozonet that it finds. This means that two repeater routers may end up connected to each other in a loop, and not have a path to the main router that has access to the Internet. The BSSID option needs to be used to force a connection to the proper place.

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