How to allow LAN to access WAN IP when using OpenVPN


I have OpenVPN running well.
My router is acting as DHCP serving clients.
My hotspot is and only serves the router.

Before I had OpenVPN, I was able to navigate from my computer (connected to router) to
Now that I have OpenVPN, I'm no longer able to navigate to hotspot's IP address ( Clearly because LAN requests are routed to VPN and do not reach WAN address.

I'm able to reach other LAN IPs, so clients are not isolated. However I'm not able to reach the hotspot IP address.

What would be the proper way to allow LAN IPs (DHCP-assigned by router) to access hotspot address?

Ideally, something simple that I can do via LuCI. Adding WAN interface to VPN firewall zone might work but might not be ideal (leak).

Thanks for any help!

arp |  tr -s "\t" " "  | cut -d' ' -f1,6 | grep; ip add | grep 192.168.1; ip -4 route | grep 192.168.1

maybe post a screenshot from LUCI showing your interfaces (you'd have to paint over mac's or public ip's ) if commands are difficult. and another screenshot of STATUS > routes > active ipv4 > just the 192.168

for commonly configured setups... vpn won't trump a locally connected route. so chances are high there is something other than just the vpn whacky here. ( unless by openvpn you mean your running the client on your PC )

By default everything on the wan side including is considered part of the Internet, so it gets bypassed in favor of the VPN.

You would need to add a specific route for it, e.g. via interface wan.

It works when you don't have a VPN because the default route to everything on the Internet (outside the LAN) includes your hotspot.