How to adjust ADSL SNR offset?

My ISP already took the ADSL connection away from me once, and gave me the awful working 4G connection as a replacement.
The 4G worked so slow in the evenings, I complained to my country's "communications agency" about it, which resulted in them (the agency) forcing my ISP to return the ADSL connection to me.
So if I complained about it the line quality now, I'm 99% sure they'd just expedite the copper line removal process, which I want to avoid even if they upgraded their 4G towers in the area.

Anyway I just got the DGN3500 to work as a router behind the N17U working as a bridge, so I'm happy now.

Quick note, if you get switched to LTE/5G only have a look at @Lynx's great CAKE-autorate thread
This is targeted at keeping acceptable bufferbloat on variable rate links like LTE through using active delay measurements to adjust a traffic shaper continuously.

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Nice, I've been wondering if something like that exists, thanks.

Living in the Scottish Highlands, the only available option for our household is 4G (else 4Mbit/s ADSL). Our 4G rate varies between 10Mbit/s to 70Mbit/s (depending on congestion).

The bash script linked at the top of the adaptive rate thread was developed out of my frustration with having to set a single static compromise bandwidth for both download and upload for CAKE, and it seems to do a fantastic job at keeping latency low, whilst at the same time offering download and/or upload excursions for whenever heavy downloading or uploading is needed. After working on it for many months, I now just run it as a service 24/7. It seems quite a few others use it now too, and so hopefully it will improve things for you if you do need to work with 4G.

For me CAKE plus the adaptive rate code means latency stays between 40-80ms and I get to use the available bandwidth when needed. So the connection is responsive, Zoom and Teams calls work well, and downloads or uploads will get allocated as much bandwidth as possible without hurting latency.

If you do try out the code please report your findings - good or bad - on the thread.

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