How to add temperature to overview page

I find a possible solution on page:
But it cant work for me or I do it wrong. Help me please. Openwrt 19.07.07 x86

That was wrong 'solution'. As I recall, you don't need to modify any files, you only need to add a few files at specific folders with specific names. Don't have all the details ATM, sorry.

probably because that index.htm is quite outdated ...

Here's the new one

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Thanks for the quick response. It remains to figure out how to add temperature data.

It's APU2C4 board with AMD Puma SoC

The hardware used does not matter at all.

you could try to steal with pride

if you get it to work, publish your solution, I'm sure it'll be appreciated.


Yes, that sounds familiar! Will bookmark it for myself :wink:

Thanks. It should work