How to add newer version of RRDTOOL

I'm new to Linux so bare with me. I have a Dragino Yun that I use to track temperature data, I use RRDTOOL to do this, it had RRDTOOL version 1.2.30-3. I recently purchased a Arduino Yun Rev 2 to make another data collector but it only has version 1.0.50-2.
The lesser version is really limited in comparison to the later version and doesn't have some of the function I need. The extra memory required was never a problem on the Dragino Yun (which is hard to find anymore and appears to be phased out). Is it a simple matter of getting the TAR.GZ from rrdtool (v1.2.30), and then manually installing it, or is it more complicated than that? What would be the manual process, I could google it but would prefer to know the process for OpenWrt vs some other version of Linux.

Update, I did find the following at;

In that file it had the following;

Package: rrdtool
Version: 1.2.30-3
Depends: libc, librrd
Source: feeds/packages/utils/rrdtool
Section: utils
Status: unknown ok not-installed
Essential: no
Priority: optional
Maintainer: OpenWrt Developers Team <>
Architecture: ar71xx
Installed-Size: 29152
Filename: rrdtool_1.2.30-3_ar71xx.ipk
Size: 29717
MD5Sum: 891fdfd4e4a5fe4388bd0f1c4d6c2160
Description:  Round Robin Database (RRD) management tools (v1.2.x)

I found a copy of rrdtool_1.2.30-3_ar71xx.ipk at the following location;

I also found for the Artheros version (which is what the Yun is AR9331);

Got to think one of these would work, now I guess I need to figure out how to install a IPK file.

You can't run an ancient version compiled with different libc for the ancient 14.07 version. ("opkg" would be the tool to install the package)

You need to modify the rrdtool1 Makefile in OpenWrt packages feed repository, and then compile a new version for your current firmware.

I remember discussing with @jow a few years ago, and the main reason to stick with was that the newer versions require additional library dependencies, and that would increase the size impact of rrdtool quite much.

Thanks for the reply.

It will take me awhile to digest the changes that need to be made to the Makefile and what to do with the additional dependencies for V1.2.30-3.

I know the location for and can easily find the version I need, however, are the and just other sources? they seem to down or outdated?

What is the purpose of the PKG_HASH variable?

I didn't use librrd1 rrdcgi1 so can these be omitted and do I need to put in the other two dependencies for V1.2.30 which are libc, librrd? or am I on the wrong path?


Did you ever get version 1.2 compiled?
If yes do you mind sharing the Makefile?