How to add my custom luci theme to the makeconfig?

Can someone help me?

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Hi @pauloricardolacerda. Welcome!

You need to build a package to contain the files you created for the custom theme. You can look here for package information or you can look at the existing luci-theme- packages as a template.

Hi, thanks for answering.

I took the luci rosy theme and put it in a folder with another name, went to makeconfig and selected the "new" theme and made the build normally, the problem is when I access via the web, this error appears.

It sounds like you've got some issues with either the theme, or the template. It's erroring on whatever node_childs is. I've got no idea on luCi LUA coding, unfortunately, but perhaps someone will chime in for you. It would be helpful if you could post the Makefile you're using inside that renamed directory. Just be sure to surround the copy/paste output with Preformatted Text option on the editor bar so it can be easily read! :slight_smile:

Also, it should be noted that the Rosy theme is no longer maintained. I would look at the OpenWrt2020 or Bootstrap themes.

You picked the worst possible example...

If you look at the rosy theme, you can notice that it has been marked as BROKEN as it does not compile ok with the current LuCI (or does not work with the current LuCI structure) and has been abandoned by the original author.

Check openwrt, openwrt-2020 or bootstrap

(Material theme is partially unmaintained, too.)


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