How to add Luci diagnostic modules?

I'm looking into creating a new Luci diagnostics app for network performance, and would like to do so in a "standard" way i.e. clean and sustainable.

The existence of some kind of modular framework for adding to the available Luci diagnostics is suggested both by the presence of the "-core" package luci-app-diag-core, and the following comment from the Luci admin page Network -> Configure Diagnostics:

With this menu you can configure network diagnostics, such as network device scans and ping tests.

The diagnostics available under this menu depend on what modules you have installed on your device.

Is there such a framework for extending core diagnostics? How does one create a new diagnostic package that fits under this framework?

I haven't found an answer to this in any documentation, wiki or otherwise. But based on commit histories and previous comments, I'm hoping @cshoredaniel and @jow can comment. Thanks for your feedback!

FYI, similar questions have been asked in the past but left unanswered.

Despite the crickets, I'll ask again if someone knowledgeable could comment please. Perhaps @cshoredaniel or @jow ?

The code was submitted by @cshoredaniel years ago. I've never looked at it or have seen how it operates once installed. I think the code is dead and unmaintained for all practical purposes.

A better route might be to make the existing network diagnostics page modular, similar to the index status page.

That's a shame, but thanks for clarifying anyway. I had hoped such a framework already existed, or had been worked out (e.g. by @cshoredaniel).

Would you mind outlining the principles behind or changes made to modularize the index page? That would be helpful going forward...

Well change the existing page template to read a specific directory of partial templates and construct a loop including the partials. Example:;a=blob;f=modules/luci-mod-status/luasrc/view/admin_status/index.htm;h=5b53e8ed343bc95293f94e42d5b829494e41e765;hb=2aab85814d0eead5f82ee1c5661f03667ce50b62#l130