How to add jamVM

Please help to my case.

I am trying to add a jamVM package.

So, check jamVM, classpath in menuconfig

but it's fail when build image.

I see error massege

cf gnu java javax org sun META-INF && i
/bin/bash: cf: command not found
Makefile:663 recipe for target '' failed
make[5]: *** [] Error 127

How to solve this problem.

I have modified the configure file to solve this problem. The same problem occurred.

I would be grateful to let me know in detail how to solve this problem.


Thank you for your reply

I installed the cli and tried it, but it was the same. Should I install only cf-cli?

To verify your installation, open a terminal window and type cf. If your installation was successful, the cf CLI help listing appears.

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I success to install cf-cli.

I don't know how to solve jamVM build problem using cli.

I'd like to know how to install after cli installation.

You might need to do a clean build

It does not build for every router for me either.
You can find them here:

==> jamvm_2.0.0-1_arm_cortex-a9_vfpv3.ipk​​​

​I use these packages:​

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Thank you for your help

I will do what you say. Can i keep asking question that do not work out?

As i know few days ago default-jdk => openjdk-8-jdk

Current jamVM support openjdk-7-jdk, dismatching jdk version.

So, I install 1.7.0_80 on ubuntu.

Does it matter?

@jinho-park i thinkg the jdk version is important, because they started changing a lot from oracle. you can build with docker that Dockerfile and check the jdk version that Docker container uses, i think the should work.

though i use Debian stable, not sure what happens on Ubuntu...

Can you run openjdk7 or openjdk8 on openwrt?