How to add html page on LUCI

I want to add a html page on luci. please help me.

This request for help is a bit unspecific... :roll_eyes:

If you want to add an application for luci, then take a look here for examples...

If you want to add only a static html site, for example as banner for your captive portal, then simply place the html file inside /www on your device, for example:
echo test > /www/my_page.html
Then you can see this "test"-site in http(s)://ip-of-router/my_page.html

For anything other, you should consider to ask a better question... :crazy_face:

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atually i want to add a html form page on status section of LUCI

Drop a partial file into /usr/lib/lua/luci/view/admin_status/index/

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