How to add banner on page visited by user?


is it possible to add custom html or banner on every page visited by user connected to access point created by openwrt? if yes how
I want to put an image or banner text on every html page.

I guess this is possible by creating transparent proxy on openwrt and the altering the web pages,
I am not sure how to do this.


Quite simple for http.
Different story for https, because it needs install of special cert in every client. Proper config for proxy in this case quite "expensive". And will not work in every case, because of HSTS etc.


checkout this site:
I am not sure how they are doing this but every visited page through their proxy has a top banner
I want to achieve something like this through openwrt

Are you referring to the title string in the title bar?

Just look at their HTML. Using iframe. Not altering web page, as you wrote.

Notice how the URL is never the real page being visited... is this what you need?