How to add a shell script as a package in menuconfig?

I have made a shell script and I want to add that shell script as a package in menuconfig. Please tell me the steps to do the same.

is it important to have it as a menuconfig(urable) package/option, or to have it included in the image ?

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You can simply include the script with custom files:

Otherwise, it requires packaging:

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Yes, it is important to have it in the menuconfig. After selecting the package and compiling the image. My script should be present in the given directory (/usr/bin)
I don't know the below task.
1: Where should I put my script in the buildroot
2: How to write a Makefile for the task?

I know I can do the same task via creating a directory named as files in the buildroot but I want my script as a package in the menuconfig.

please @VincentR help me.

Take a look here

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thank you. It worked.

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