How to add a service to a podman container in openwrt

Of course we need the container service to be started with openwrt for purpose.
But Openwrt does not use systemd, and I can hardly find service examples or tutorial for it.
I wish someone can hint me where to find a container service file based on procd?
Thanks for your reading

I don't have any experience with, or advice to give about podman. But there were a few recent threads (that I haven't read) about it on the forum. Have you searched the forums and read through those topics? They may have some of the answers your looking for.

Sure I can see some users discussing other issues based on their successfully running container, such as firewall configuration, etc.
But there is no mention of how to write it (I have further searched for keywords such as procd and init.d

Here's an example of my blocky container

#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common
start_service() {
    procd_set_param command /usr/bin/podman start blocky

but somehow the container is gone after rebooting (x86 / ext4). This I have not solved, yet.